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Practice Schedule

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 600pm-700pm (ages 8 and under) Leonardtown High School

Monday Wednesday & Friday 700pm-830pm (ages 9-14) Leonardtown High School

Wrestling Up an Age Group

A major reason for the age split, besides overall numbers, is to ensure wrestlers have multiple partners that are of similar size that they can compete against. Occassionally, the coaches will ask a wrestler (parents) if they would like to move up or down an age group to get partners that more fit their size and skill levels. Any inquires about moving to a different practice split must go through the Head Coach.

Schedule subject to change

Practice Design

Practice Plan

A practice plan is developed for each practice, which makes it imperative that the wrestlers show up to practice regularly and on time.



Each practice will begin with an organized team warm-up.  The goal here is to get the blood-flowing, warm-up the joints, increase overall strength and prepare the mind and body for practice.  Warm-ups can include jogging, shuffle steps, army crawls, crab walks, various other calisthenics type exercises, push-ups, sit-ups and various wrestling specific warm-up drills that concentrate on a core set of skills needed to excel in wrestling.



About half of the practice will be devoted to drilling the techniques learned.  Drilling is a very important part of developing skills. Most kids find this to be extremely boring, so we attempt to find different ways to drill the techniques to keep the attention levels high. Repeat a movement enough times that it is second nature and you can perform it without thinking about it.


Live Wrestling

This is generally the wrestlers favorite part of practice.  We will mix live match situations with full blown matches throughout practice. Headgear is encouraged during this part of practice.



On occasion the wrestlers will be rewarded for their hard work with a game at the end of practice.  The games range from skill based to condition based.