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Health and Hygiene

St. Mary’s Wrestling Club and the Leonardtown High School Wrestling Program are both dedicated to keeping our wrestlers as free as possible from the various skin conditions that can affect our wrestlers.

1) The wrestling mats are washed before each high school practice and again prior to the youth practice beginning.

2) Skin checks are done prior to each wrestler beginning practice. If a wrestler is found to have a communicable skin condition he is not allowed to practice until he has seen a doctor and has gone through the proper remediation. This includes a 72 hour “break” from wrestling, that begins at the time of the first treatment.

3) We provide “shoe cleaner buckets” at the wrestling mat’s edge during practice and require all wrestlers to step in them before stepping on the mat. The “buckets” have a solution in them to kill viruses and bacteria. This helps keep the wrestlers from tracking anything from the floors to the mats.

We would like to remind everyone that we, coaches, are not doctors.

We will always error on the side of caution.

We do our best to not miss anything but it can happen.

What Wrestlers & Parents Can Do To Help

1) Shower. It is very important to have your wrestler shower as soon as possible after wrestling practice. Warm water and anti-bacterial (i.e. DIAL) soap are recommended.

2) Skin checks at home. You can help the coaches by performing skin checks on your wrestlers after their showers at home. You can check areas we can’t. Anything that looks suspicious should be seen by a doctor. Please let the Head Coach know as well so we can keep an eye on things.

3) Ensure their practice gear is washed after every practice. Headgears should be sprayed and wiped down.